Crazy Cascade Blueticks

  Crazy Cascade Bluetick Kennels is located in the heart of The Majestic Cascade Mountain Range in Central Oregon and is owned and operated by Steve Phipps. Steve is a long-time and well-respected houndsman in The Pacific Northwest. Being devoted full-time to his hounds, he knows how to breed and train top-notch big-game hounds. His line of Crazy Cascade Hounds is 100% Cameron Bluetick, and has not been crossed with any other strain. Fast, gritty, intelligent and with the stamina to finish a demanding race best describes these hounds. They are as proven as any line of big-game hounds today. They have been used by many with tremendous success on bear, lion, bobcat and raccoon.

Crazy Cascade Blueticks:

100% Purple Ribbon Bred; UKC registered
Noble, “Old-Fashioned” Hound Looks
Guaranteed to Hunt
Super Locators
Loud, Bawl-Mouth
Tough-Footed to Endure the Most Rugged Terrain
Solid and Honest
Exceptionally Cold-Nosed to Work Out
      the Most Difficult Tracks.
Speed and Drive to Tree North America’s
      Toughest Big Game
Hair-Puller Pups Available

   Crazy Cascade Blueticks will out-strike, trail and tree most big game hounds bred these days. These hounds are superior big-game getters in every sense. Another vital trait not considered by a lot of houndsman is the ability to locate the game once it has layed-up or treed. Locating is a trait Steve understands is one of the most important traits bred into a top, big-game hound.

“I’ve successfully hunted big game for over 40 years and Cameron Blueticks are the most consistent track to tree hounds bred.”-Steve Phipps